Migrating a Blackboard Course to Canvas

Migrating a Blackboard course to Canvas involves two steps.  First you will need to export your course out of Blackboard which will create a compressed zip file and then you will need to import this zip file into Canvas.  

Exporting a Course out of Blackboard
Exporting a course from Blackboard creates a compressed zip file that you can download and save.  This saved file can be used to import into a Canvas course.  
  • Log into Blackboard and enter the course you would like to export.
  • Select the Packages and Utilities link located on the left side navigation.
  • Select Export/Archive Course link.
  • Select the Export Package button.
  • Leave the settings for the File Attachments section as is.
  • In the Select Course Materials section, select the Select All button.
  • Click the Submit button located in the lower or upper right of the screen.
  • Click the Refresh button on the page to see if the export is complete, or wait to receive an email and then click on the Refresh button.
  • The course is packaged as a Zip file.  To save the file, click on the name of the file, select a location where you would like to save it to and click on Save.
Importing a Blackboard Course into Canvas  
After exporting the Blackboard course and you have the zip file, you can import that file into a Canvas Course.
  • Log into Canvas and enter the course where you would like to bring the Blackboard course into.
  • Select the Settings link located on the left side navigation.  
  • On the far right, select the button labeled Import Content into this Course.
  • For the Content Type, select Blackboard 6/7/8/9 export .zip file.
  • For the Source, click on Choose File.  Navigate to where you saved the zip file and select it. 
  • Next to Content select All Content.
  • Click on the Import button.
You will see a progress bar indicating the progress of the import.  Depending on the amount of content, it could take some time.  Once the import indicates it has been completed, you can use the course navigation links to check the content that has been brought in.  

Panopto Videos
If you use Panopto Videos within your Blackboard course, please send an email to techhelp.sjcny.edu to request assistance with your videos.  The videos live on the hosted Panopto server, but they will be associated with Blackboard.  We will need to help you copy them and associate the videos with Canvas.