Packaging Blackboard Files

If you would like a copy of every file you have uploaded into a Blackboard course, package the files you need into a .zip file.  These files can be extracted and viewed on your computer.

Packaging Blackboard Files
Files can be downloaded from the Files link located within the Control Panel area of your course.
  • Log into Blackboard and enter the course where you would like to obtain the files.  
  • Select the Files link located on the left side navigation within the Control Panel area.

  • Select the Course Name. A listing of your files will appear, and they may be on multiple pages. 

  • Select the Show All button located at the bottom right of the screen to display all files.  

  • Select the files you want to package.   Use the checkbox to the left of the filename to select the files to package.  If you wish to select all files, select the checkbox located to the left of the word File Type.  This is located right below the Download Package button.

  • Once the files are selected, select the Download Package button to create a zip file. 

  • Depending on the browser you are using, it may download automatically and store in your Downloads folder or you may be prompted to save the file.  You now have access to all your files from Blackboard within the zip file. 

Please make sure to double check that you have selected all your files from Blackboard.