Preparing for the Transition

Steps faculty should take to prepare for the transition to Canvas

Transitioning to Canvas is an opportunity for instructors to review, rethink, and redesign their courses using a next generation educational platform that supports pedagogical and technological innovation.  Everyone currently using Blackboard will need to move any content they wish to use in the future off of Blackboard by June 30, 2017.  Training and Instructional Design are available to assist instructors.  

Below are the steps to take to prepare for this transition:

  • Create a Blackboard export file for each Blackboard course that you will need access to.  This will create a Blackboard .zip file that can only be imported into Canvas or into another Blackboard system.  Instructions on how to export are located here: Export a Blackboard Course

  • Export the Gradebook from any course you have used the Gradebook in.  This export can be viewed in Excel.  How to Export the Gradebook

  • Package Files if you would like a copy of every file you have uploaded into a Blackboard course. Packaging files will generate a .zip file containing all of your course files. These files can be extracted and viewed on your computer. How to Package Blackboard Files

  • Request Canvas development course shells for each land-based course to begin the course build process.  Requests can be made here: Land-Based Development Shell and Course Requests for Canvas.

  • Import Blackboard export (.zip) files into the development course shells if you are not starting new with design.   Instructions on how to import are located here: Import a Blackboard export file into Canvas.

  • If you are currently using Panopto with Blackboard and you have videos to bring over, open up a Help Desk ticket ( to request assistance.

  • Attend Canvas training if you have not already done so.  We are highly encouraging everyone to attend Canvas Getting Started and Adding Content.  Schedule and registration is located here: