Canvas Training

The Technology Education Department will be offering training workshops for faculty throughout the transition period.  Workshops are being offered either face-to-face or remotely via GoToTraining**. There are individual sessions to select from as well as combined and 1/2 day sessions. Please see the training timeline and the Canvas Workshop Registration form below to register.

Spring 2017 
Last semester for Blackboard course delivery.

Workshop Registration  

To register for Canvas workshops, please complete the registration form below. Registration is required and you will receive a separate email confirming your place in the class. Class sizes are limited.

Currently there are 4 workshops available and faculty teaching online or hybrid courses are required to attend all 4 workshops in the order listed (workshop descriptions):

Canvas Getting Started Canvas Adding Course Content Canvas Discussions Canvas Gradebook

Additional resources, including links to videos and step-by-step instructions, are available at this site: Canvas Resources

**The GoToTraining sessions are similar to a webinar, as you can attend from wherever you are located. You must have a computer/mobile device and access to a mic/webcam or a phone to participate. These would not be fully hands on unless you open another browser window and work in the training course as you are being instructed. You can participate in the sessions on iOS, Android and Windows devices. If you select to attend using this method, you will also receive an email with connection information for the session.

Workshop Descriptions

Canvas Getting Started (1 Hour)

This course will help you navigate the Canvas LMS as well as learn about some of the basic tools and settings available to you. In this course you will learn:

  • Canvas Global Navigation
  • Access your Personal Profile and set Notification Preferences
  • Conversations (Inbox), Calendar and Canvas Help
  • Course Navigation
  • Setting the course home page
  • Course settings
  • Student view
  • Publishing the course

Canvas Adding Course Content (1 Hour)

This course will show you how to add content to the Canvas course. You will learn how to use the Module area of the course to create modules and add content to the modules. In this course you will learn:

  • Creating and Publishing Modules
  • Adding Content to Modules (files, external links, YouTube)
  • Creating Pages and adding to Modules
  • Assignments and Rubrics
  • Adding a Turnitin Assignment
  • Syllabus

Canvas Discussions (1 Hour)

This course will show you how to use Discussions in Canvas. You will learn about the Discussions area, how to create a discussion topic, view discussions, set settings, and grade discussions using Speedgrader.

Canvas Gradebook (1 Hour)

This course will show you how to use the Gradebook in Canvas.  The Gradebook helps instructors easily input and distribute grades for students. Grades for each assignment can be calculated as points, percentages, complete or incomplete, pass or fail, GPA scale, and letter grades, and assignments can be organized into groups for weighting as well. You will learn about the Assignment area of the course, the Gradebook area, and how to grade assignments using Speedgrader.